Saturday, March 14, 2015

Goodbye - Drama Monologue

By: Paul William Fassett

The last thing we said was goodbye and this is how things end. With that word so final, so bitter, so acute. Goodbye. Now all we see of each other are snapshot memories, text messages, pictures on facebook but none of it is real.

None of it. Not even our memories.

If I pursue, you'll pull away. You needed this space, this vast empty desert between us that births no life, no plants, no wild things. We're left with sweet untruths. Memories that never happened. Loves that never blossomed. One single night that was supposed to be so much more but never reached it's climax and now we crave it again. To see things through. To claw at each other like hungry flesh craving animals. 

We want to relive the real thing so we can remember what it was really like instead of just romanticizing it.

But goodbye is final. Goodbye is... Farewell. How do you close the distance created by such a word?

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